Druv Kent – Mastering international hits for the Indian born Singer Songwriter

Druv Kent

Wanna Love Again is the fabulous new single from Asian megastar Druv which I recently mastered. The video shows a shortened version; Here are all the streaming links for the full length version: https://bfan.link/wanna-love-again
Previous single Magaresa (Runaway) streaming links: https://bfan.link/magaresa-runaway

I have mastered many tracks for Druv over the last few years. Calum MacColl and Greg Haver produced many of these earlier tracks.

Don’t Burn Away, the previous release (above) recently topped the Euro Indie Chart!

Druv says: “Few can take a song that sounded almost perfect to my ears after months of slaving … sound a touch more than perfect! George does that every time. Listening to George’s masters brings a tear to my eye as I finally hear the song as I did in my head when I first imagined it … only it’s better”

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