Some cello can really enhance your song, whether a simple single line or a full-blown string arrangement. I can play parts you’ve written or invent something beautiful for you


​I started learning the cello at school at the age of 7.  The first exam I took a couple of years later was Grade 4 and I achieved a Distinction. I went on to study with John Sharp of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Stefan Popov. I was offered places at both Royal Academy and Royal College of Music and opted for the latter, but the commuting and waning interest in classical music led me to abandon studies for a job in a recording studio.

But, some years later my interest was rekindled, and I now play in an orchestra, a string quartet and own a Yamaha electric cello for live rock work. I had a consultation lesson with Julian Lloyd Webber and even recorded him at Metropolis Studios…


An online cello session recording service is available, so if you want cello on your already recorded tracks, please get in touch for a quote, whether it’s a single line or a full 12 part arrangement you have in mind.

I can also provide full strings with violinist/violist colleagues or samples or a mix of both.

Scroll down to hear me in action…


The above was recorded in The Chapterhouse at Gloucester Cathedral as part of George Moorey’s “Spaces” project with George M playing piano, and Alice White on the other cello.

In 2016 I arranged and recorded multiple cello parts for Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi…

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