Recording with The Wannadies: having fun in the studio with the lovely Swedish pop geniuses

I produced, engineered and mixed a bunch of recordings with these lovable Swedes in the 1990s. On about four or five occasions we recorded about three songs in around three days. We went to decidedly mid-range studios like The Garden and Alaska but got some fantastic results. Perhaps best known was the lounge version of their huge hit You And Me Song. We also recorded a track inspired by a porn mag they found in their hotel room Trick Me and a hilarious track allegedly inspired by their A&R man I Like You A Lalalala Lot. I loved their boundless energy and enthusiasm in the studio.

The band was hugely entertaining and creative, and they never took themselves too seriously. We had a lot of fun, and they completely trusted me to point microphones in the right direction and get things working in an appropriate way. They were a great live act, and hilarious company to go out on the town with. I remember crawling home at 8.30am after a very silly all-night boozing session in London on one occasion!

In the February 2021 article in The Telegraph listing the 101 best love songs for a Valentine’s Day playlist, they placed You And Me Song at number 41! The list includes Norah Jones, Bowie, Elvis, Pet Shop Boys, Frank Sinatra, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Sade, Chic, Beatles and Stones. And I would humbly suggest that the Lounge Version I produced is even more romantic than the uptempo version.

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