There is a lot to think about when entrusting your musical creations to someone, and you need to be confident that your expectations will be met. Hopefully these answer some of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further queries.

Please send me all tracks as WAVs, in the original session format (e.g. 48kHz 24 bit). Please add a two-digit prefix to the name of the track, and don’t include the name of the song in the file names. So they should look like these examples:
01 Kick Drum
02 Snare
11 Bass Guitar
13 Rhythm Guitar A
23 Lead Vocal
28 Backing Vocal 1


Please avoid using the slash (/) character, quotation marks (“) or question mark (?) in file names as Pro Tools doesn’t like it!

Cubase users: Please turn off ‘Insert iXML Chunk’

Ideally I’d like them in this order:
Drums (Kick, snare, hat, toms, overheads, ambience)

Science experiments

Lead Vocal

Backing vocals

Please make sure there are no inserted reverbs or delays on vocal tracks, they should be ‘dry’. The same usually goes for other instruments; if in doubt send alternatives – wet and dry versions, clearly labelled as such.

You are welcome to identify reference tracks you think might be relevant. Please let me know artist and title names (not YouTube or Spotify links) and what it is you like about them.

When I send you the finished mix, please don’t email comments on first listen (unless it definitely sounds completely perfect(!), or there’s something obviously completely wrong!) There is generally a 48 hour “cooling-off period”. Listen to the mix on different systems, earbuds, headphones, cars, etc. And try to mix it up with reference tracks and things you like, set to as near as possible the same volume level ( – adjust to match as necessary!) Pretend you are listening to someone else’s record! Then, after two days, please send me one email with a list of any mix requests or ideas for changes.

In order for me to master your tracks with the best possible results, please send the songs as stereo WAVs in the original session format (e.g. 48kHz, 24 bit). Please remove any limiting or maximising when printing the mix, and make sure you’re not hitting 0dBFS or going into the red.

You are welcome to identify reference tracks you think might be relevant. Please let me know artist and title names (not YouTube or Spotify links) and what it is you like about them.

Logic users: Make sure you don’t chop off the start or end! Add an extra beat at the start using the end of bar 0 (zero) and allow an extra bar or two at the end for reverb tails.

Please make sure files are labelled with correct titles. Please avoid using the slash (/) character, quotation marks (“) or question mark (?) in file names as Pro Tools doesn’t like it! If titles need to have unusual or illegal characters, please send me a text file containing the desired titles.

For EPs or albums I’ll need to know if there are any crossfades or special requests regarding gaps.

I’ll also need the correct artist name, and the running order and the title of the EP or album if there is to be a CD version. I will provide a DDPi file for CD manufacturer for a small additional charge.
I can also embed ISRC codes into WAVs and DDP files as necessary, and a UPC/EAN barcode into DDP files, although that is not essential.

If you would like a separate version for vinyl (optionally with greater dynamic range – we can discuss) and the sides edited together, this can be provided – there is normally an additional charge. This will come with a timing sheet so the lacquer cutter can make the separate tracks correctly spaced with run-in grooves on the record.

Please send all files to me using if possible.

Important: 48 hour cooling-off period!
Please listen to the mix on multiple systems over the course of a few days before coming back to me with any notes for adjustments you would like made.
Try to imagine you are listening to someone else’s song and how you might react to hearing it, and mix it up in a playlist with other songs you like so you can see how it sounds in context.
There may be some aspects of the mix that you weren’t expecting but I have mixed it in a way I think best represents your vision as described to me. Take some time to absorb and get used to my version, then I will be happy to try any changes that you would like me to make.

Most of my work falls into three categories: Mixing, mastering or cello/strings. However, there are all kinds of ways in which I can enhance your music, from vocal tuning, to adding a tambourine part! Let’s have a chat and see what’s needed… I’m always happy to have a look at the files you’ve got and work out a plan with you.

Mixing is dependent on complexity of the recording, and how much additional production might be required. I can add instruments, correct mistakes, make tuning and timing adjustments or edit parts to bring out the best in the track. Typical mixing and mastering is £350-£450.
Mastering is £60 per track, but I will discount that when mastering tracks I’ve mixed.
For attended recording/mixing sessions the normal price is £600 per day but the rate for unsigned artists is great value at £450. (10am – 6pm with a 45 minutes break for lunch). For long bookings the rate is negotiable. Please contact me. There is no VAT. Minimum booking is a half-day. Payment strictly in advance. A 50% payment secures the diary date.

Everything! I want you to be ecstatic about the results we get, so once I have agreed a price with you, I will always make sure things are finished to your satisfaction.

I have been selecting and purchasing the contents of the studio for over 30 years and have a massive investment in gear and premises, years of experience, a proven track record, and a hugely diverse range of skills. Try booking a plumber/mechanic/lawyer for the equivalent hourly rate…! I promise it will be great value – you will love the results!

I know!

When I started in the 1980s an upper-midrange studio was £700 per day, the engineer charged £200-£300 per day, tape was £100 for 15 minutes of 24 track, the producer would want an advance of maybe £1,000 per song, a dance remix would be £1,500, and you’d have to pay £25 for the assistant to get a taxi home if you finished late!

In the first instance use the Contact Form or phone me on +44(0)7710 202023

No, it’s your music, and you can do what you like with it – and I’ll happily help promote it on my social media. If I am having some creative input, I usually ask for a gentlemen’s agreement in an email to pay me a standard producer royalty should sales take off and we have a hit (and I hope we do!) And of course I always expect to be credited for my contribution where technically possible, e.g. YouTube descriptions, metadata etc., and I expect my producer role to be registered with PPL for published works.

I’ll happily have a go; there’s no extra charge, although I’d appreciate you adding me as instrumentalist as well as producer when you fill in the PPL registration for the track

Yes, some of them as many of my clients have proper jobs during the week! And no, I keep the price the same regardless. However, availability may be limited.

In Newton Abbot in Devon, with easy train links from all over the UK

Yes, I may be able to include AirBnB-style accommodation. However for sanity it is sometimes better to have a break and there’s a cheap and comfy Premier Inn not far away.

You do 100%, although if I’ve had a hand in helping write the song I’d appreciate the appropriate writer’s share when you register with PRS.

Difficult to predict; I like to get on with it, but also complete tracks to a high standard! I can often get much of one song recorded in one day, but we will generally need another half day to finish it off properly.

There is a great village cafe, pub and shop

They are all kept, backed up to two or three different drives. I make no guarantee though, and if you want something remixed three years later I can’t promise all the plugins will still work!

This is usually no problem. There may be a small charge for the time taken to unarchive and compile them.

If I’ve recorded the track then probably just a few hours. For online mixing the standard ‘unsigned’ rate is £350 per song (up to 48 mono tracks, up to 6 minutes long, two free revisions) but this may be negotiable for EP or album projects. Files will need to be in Pro Tools, Logic or continuous WAV format.

As bookings are often quite short notice, it’s not normally possible to plan for odd weeks of work experience several months ahead. However, do get in touch if you’re interested in a career in the studio.


*Perennial question notoriously asked at 2am by artistes/managers/A&R the night before the proper mixing session and met with barely stifled derision – waiting another 24 hours will guarantee a rather better sounding version!

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