James Passey – Limited Edition CD E.P. out now featuring my piano, cello and production

James Passey

I have been producing tracks for James Passey for a few years. We recorded a fantastic song Leave This World Behind on Gus Dudgeon (Elton John producer)’s ancient MCI mixing desk. But that’s for another blog post!

This track was recorded by James on his iPhone during lockdown, and he asked me to stick some cello on. I sat down to write the part and it turned out to be a bit complicated. There are all sorts of odd meter changes in the song! But I think I managed to come up with something nice. I hasten to add that didn’t record my part on an iPhone!

I’ve embedded the YouTube video above, but on Facebook the video has had tens of thousands of views also, and there is now an E.P. available on a limited edition CD with that track and two others which I produced and played on. Get it from James here: https://www.jamespassey.com

Do have a look at this new video for Don’t Leave Me Now with production and strings by me…

Lots of famous musicians have noted James’ brilliance and there are some very interesting collaborations afoot…!

James says:

“Working with George on tracks for my debut EP was a total joy and privilege! I hadn’t been in a studio for over 10 years when I recorded two of the tracks with him… so was more than a little nervous and rusty! George helped me massively to get back into it the groove… and I loved every minute of the 3 days I spent working with him at his studio.
Not only did George produce 2 of the tracks , he played cello on all of them and piano on a couple … he’s a v clever cookie! The EP has surpassed all my expectations so over the moon !  George’s production has been an integral reason things have really  kicked off for me in the last 18 months or so … quite a few plaudits and endorsements from a few big names (songwriters and musicians) so very grateful to him ! Looking forward to working with you again soon ! James x”


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