James Passey – Limited Edition CD E.P. out now featuring my piano, cello and production

James Passey

I have been producing tracks for James Passey for a few years. We recorded this fantastic song Leave This World Behind on Gus Dudgeon (Elton John producer)’s ancient MCI mixing desk.


James’s E.P. has been reissued with a bonus track. It’s available on a limited edition CD with others which I produced and played on. Get it from James here: https://www.jamespassey.com

Lots of famous musicians have noted James’ brilliance and there are some very interesting collaborations afoot…!

James says:

“Working with George on tracks for my debut EP was a total joy and privilege! I hadn’t been in a studio for over 10 years when I recorded two of the tracks with him… so was more than a little nervous and rusty! George helped me massively to get back into it the groove… and I loved every minute of the 3 days I spent working with him at his studio.
Not only did George produce 2 of the tracks , he played cello on all of them and piano on a couple … he’s a v clever cookie! The EP has surpassed all my expectations so over the moon !  George’s production has been an integral reason things have really  kicked off for me in the last 18 months or so … quite a few plaudits and endorsements from a few big names (songwriters and musicians) so very grateful to him ! Looking forward to working with you again soon ! James x”


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