I’m constantly upgrading and adding to the recording equipment, microphones, instruments, effects and software. Here’s a list of what is here…

Recording Hardware:

Universal Apollo 16 Mkii
Universal Apollo 8 TB
Mac Pro 6-Core 2014 16GB RAM
Avid/Euphonix Artist control surfaces
Universal Audio UAD-2 Octo fully loaded
TLA M1 TubeTracker 12:2
Fully balanced patch and tie-lines

DAW Software:

Pro Tools 2018
Logic Pro X
Reason 8
PreSonus Studio One


Huge collection including…

Universal Audio UAD-2 all plugins
Avid all plugins
Waves all plugins (Mercury/Abbey Rd/SSL)
SoundToys all plugins
PSP all plugins
GRM Tools all plugins
Softube all plugins
McDSP all plugins
Antares Autotune 8
Maag EQ
Acme Optic
Sonnox Oxford EQ, Inflator, Transmod, Dynamics, Pro Codec
Kush Audio Clariphonic/UBK-1/Pusher

Virtual Instruments:

Reason Drumkits 2.0
Reason Strings
Reason Pianos
Reason Abbey Road Collection
Reason Reggae-ton
Stylus RMX
AIR Hybrid
AIR Structure
AIR Xpand!
AIR Velvet
AIR Loom
IK SampleTron
Sonic Couture Ondes & Novachord
Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
Prodyon Shortnoise 1 & 2
Arturia V-Collection
Korg Legacy Collection

Mics include:

Neumann U87Ai x 2
Neumann KM184 x 2
Neumann M147 valve
AKG C414-XLS x 3
Coles 4038 x 2
Sontronics Aria
Bastard BM-88
Rode NT-1A x 2
Rode NT-2
Crown PZM30 x 2 ex Whitfield St
Crown PZM6 ex Ridge Farm
Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon x 2
Shure SM57 x 4
Shure SM58
Shure KSM44
Shure SM7B
Sennheiser MD421 x 2 ex Utopia
AKG D19c (‘Ringo’)
Octava ML-50 ribbon
t-bone RB-500 ribbon x 2
Beyer M88TG ex Ridge Farm
Enhanced Audio M600 mic mount
Lustraphone Ribbon
Grampian Dynamic
Apex 460 Valve Condenser
Karma K-Micro x 2


Adam S3A
Auratone Cube
Grado SR325i
Presonus Central Station & CSR-1


AnaMod AM670 (Fairchild)
Universal Audio 6176 (1176LN)
Gyraf Gyratech X valve
Gyraf Gyratech III optical valve
Empirical Labs Fatso
dbx 162SL
dbx 160X


Gyraf Gyratech IV Passive valve stereo
Thermionic Culture Rooster
Charter Oak

Mic Pres/Recording Channels:

API 3124MB+
Phoenix DRS-2 (Neve)
TLA Fatman 2Fat
Thermionic Rooster
TLA 12 Channel Tubetracker
UA 6176 (610b)


Yamaha SPX90II
Lexicon PCM80
Delta Lab Effectron II
Alesis Midiverb II
Orban Parasound Dual Spring
AnaMod ATS-1 tape simulator


Gretsch G5420t
Epiphone ES-345
Martin D12-1 12 string acoustic guitar
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
Hammond A102 (C3/B3 console)
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp
Crafter Mandolin
Magic Fluke Flea Ukuklele
Watkins Westminster early 60s valve amp
Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom Drum Kit with Sabian Dark Cymbals (extra hire fee)
Ludwig Black Beauty 14″ x 6.5″ B/O badge
Fender Telecaster USA Ash Body
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Epiphone SG Custom with Maestro Vibrola
Squier Stratocaster
Faith Eclipse Jupiter Acoustic
Fender Japan Jazz Bass
Fender Fretless Jazz Bass
Fender Japan Precision Bass
Fender Squier Bass VI
Peavey Foundation Bass
Hofner CT Club Bass (flatwound strings)
Epiphone 5120E Bass
Yamaha G1 grand piano
WurliTzer EP200
Korg MicroKorg
Nektar 88 note keyboard
Roland JX-8P
Suzuki Omnichord
Roland XV3080
Novation Bass Station Rack
Percussion box with 6 tambourines, bongos, shakers etc.
Vox AC30 (1966)
Leslie 145 valve with custom preamp pedal (ex Georgie Fame and Fairport Convention)
Monster Pro Guitar Cables

Guitar Pedal Effects:

Electro Harmonix: Big Muff
EH Bass Balls
EH Micro Synth
EH Bad Stone
EH Electric Mistress
EH Memory Man
Micro Vibe
Boss Delay/Sampler
Boss Percussion Synth
Boss Hand Clapper
Colorsound Dipthonizer
Colorsound Wah-Fuzz
Ibanez Flanger
MXR Phase 90
Boss T-Wah

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