The Bartells: “1972”… Sprucing up this great song with a bit of additional production, mixing and mastering

The Bartells

These Shropshire lads got together about 6 years ago. Towards the end of 2020 their main man Alfie Edwards (a Facebook friend for a few years) contacted me to see if I could work a bit of magic on their newest recording. They tracked this vibrant song at the Motor Museum studio in Liverpool.


They sent me the files and I set to work. First, a bit of tidying up and editing. Then I added some synth parts (sequencer, pad), violins, special effects (I had fun creating a bit of backwards stuff for the start of the full length version!) and percussion. And some mixing and mastering later, it was finished! I absolutely love this song, and am dead chuffed to have been involved in its birth!

Below, you can compare and contrast the original more raw Motor Museum mix with my shinier versions…!

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