Mastering Vincent Flatts Final Drive: Whisky Swiggin’, Bad Ass Kickin’, Go Anywhere Giggin’, Boogie Band!

Vincent Flatts Final Drive

These guys rock – in a kind of old time no-nonsense American blues fashion! I’ve known and worked with bass player Russ Cook for many years. Russ was previously a lynchpin of the terrific Cotswolds-based Afterview band. I produced many tracks for them in the early/mid 2000s including sessions at Steve Winwood’s studio, and a collaboration with the legendary Bobby Tench. Russ has kept in touch over the years and recently asked me to master some great recent singles for Vincent Flatts Final Drive. The band is named after a type of motorcycle handlebars popular on café racers!

New Single – “Old Chevy”

Stream here:

Thanks For The Ride

And here’s the previous release, also mastered by me:

Stream here:

About the mastering, Russ says…

“When it comes to making sure things get done right, I’ll always go to George. I have done since the mid 00’s and probably will do until he has enough of my constant slew of rock ‘n’ roll bands. His ear is spot on, and his ability to tune into whatever project it is I’m on is almost weird. Couldn’t recommend Mr Shilling any more. Legend.

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