Collaborating with shy singer-songwriter Mark Davenport on his beautiful songs

New Release!

Mark has recently released a beautiful new song, recorded, mixed and mastered by me, and featuring a bit of cello from me too…

Mark Davenport

I first started collaborating with Mark Davenport when he came to record after hearing the recordings I’d made with his friend Mike Finnigan. Mark is also a Manchester lad, but was happy to make the journey all the way to my old Bank Cottage studio in south Warwickshire. In his day-job, Mark is a Camera Operator on TV drama and TV commercials. He is also a Director of music videos, online commercials and high end online video. When it comes to his music though, Mark tends to be rather shy! Although a terrific songwriter, guitarist and singer, he needs a bit of encouragement to perform. And even more to actually release and promote his music. So it’s especially pleasing to see this track finally released.


Taking his cues from Mike, Mark was extremely generous with my creative freedom. After tracking his acoustic guitar and vocals, I would set to work. This new release is his wonderful song Here We Are. We went through a few revisions, but ended up with this lovely version. It includes me drum programming, playing electric guitar, bass guitar, Hammond Organ and Mellotron, tambourine and shaker. It was finished some while ago, but Mark has only just released it on streaming platforms. The fantastic artwork was made by his 9 year old daughter. It’s now live on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Heart Radio and Pandora. Have a listen here on Spotify… And keep your eyes peeled for more of Mark Davenport’s songs!

Hereweareminivid – 01

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