Recording, Cello-ing, Mixing and Mastering the amazing Jono Wright

Jono Wright

Fingerstyle Guitar

I’ve known and worked with the extremely talented and lovely Jono Wright for some years. Above, he’s demonstrating his talents in a timely fashion. He first arrived at my old Bank Cottage studio as guitarist in a covers band. Subsequent sessions included recording some great original material. After something of a gap, he got in touch to come and record some fingerstyle guitar solos – quite a departure! These complex and highly technical pieces contained the entire arrangement, melody and accompaniment on one track. Impressive stuff. Jono kindly invited me to improvise some cello on one or two tracks too, which was great fun.

To Devon

Following my relocation to Devon, Jono tracked me down again and travelled down from Warwickshire (bringing with him some excellent home-made carrot cake) to record further tracks over a couple of two-day sessions. I stuck him in my newly converted cellar room and let him do his thing, again adding a bit of cello at his behest. We also had a remote collaborator in the shape of legendary Welsh fingerstyle guitar legend Gareth Pearson who has relocated to Nashville. I got everything tidied up and added some mastering fairydust.

Special Measures

In those few short days we amassed enough tracks to assemble his debut album, Special Measures, released 31st July 2023. The title reflects his proper job as teacher and headmaster, and has a gorgeous cover by Andi Chamberlain. It’s a wonderfully evocative and varied collection of lovely tunes. Here’s the Spotify version:


And here’s our previous collaboration released in 2018:

Jono says: “I have had the pleasant of knowing George for a number of years. He is an incredible producer and musician who knows how to get the best out of the musician and the song. He also makes a great cuppa. Thanks for an amazing time, it sounds great!”

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