Carmelo Alfano – Additional Production, Mixing and Mastering – after a 20 year break!

Carmelo Alfano

I first met and worked with Carmelo over 20 years ago when I had a bedroom studio in the Cotswolds. At the time, my good friend and subsequent Sundae Club collaborator Colin Crawford was the keyboard player in Carmelo’s band.


Carmelo has recently released this antiquity from 2001 which I recorded and mixed in the spare bedroom at Bank Cottage all those years ago. That’s me on Wurlitzer – and cellos too of course…! I reckon it stands up rather well after all these years… A great song.

Fly The Least

Carmelo was back in touch following the sad loss of his collaborator and conspirator (the lovely) John Green. Carmelo has been working with John’s son Charlie Green and recorded this terrific new track, then came to me to help finish it off and make it sound current and commercial – and I think we succeeded! Fly The Least is out now on all the usual streaming platforms…

Carmelo says:

“If you give George a good song, he’ll make it sound great. If you give him a great song, then it’s like alchemy… watching a Master Magician! He’s that good!”

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