Rosetta Fire show they care in a new Warwickshire lockdown campaign with a new song, mastered by me…

Rosetta Fire

I’ve worked with Warwickshire band Rosetta Fire a few times over the years. I’ve produced recordings for them at my old Bank Cottage Studio. Late last year I mastered a bunch of their old demos for release, and these have appeared as the album “Retrospective”. You can listen on the embedded Spotify player below. And they recently made a new video to go with a track “You Turn Me On” which I produced that looks fabulous. You can watch that below too. Please note however, that I do not approve of the way the actors treat their vinyl in the video, haha! As a vinyl aficionado I wouldn’t let my records anywhere near one of those plasticky record players!

Show You Care

Just last week, they were in touch with an urgent request to get the track in the video above mastered. Jimmy and Anthony had recorded it at home. So I did a very quick turnaround over the weekend. It’s for a great cause, and part of the Warwickshire County Council “Show You Care” campaign. You can read about that here. And watch the superb video above – it is beautifully put together with some charming visuals!

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