Multi-Million Selling Russian Star Zemfira Returns for the Mastering Of Borderline and The North Wind soundtrack albums


I mastered a triple-live album for Zemfira in 2016. Since recording her first album in 1999, Zemfira has sold over three million records.

“Crimea” single, New Single “Ostin” and Borderline Album

In 2020, Zemfira’s management contacted me to master a new single “Crimea“, after being unhappy with results from a major London mastering studio. Then in 2021 I mastered the new single “Ostin” which Zemfira has now released, along with the incredible animated video above! I have also mastered the new album Borderline. A re-recording of Crimea and a varied selection of terrific tracks are included.

The North Wind soundtrack album

Not long after finishing the Borderline album, I was presented with another entire album of material to master which comprises the soundtrack to a new Russian movie. You can view the trailer below and hear a few snippets of Zemfira’s music:

Zemfira says…

On finishing the Borderline mastering, I received this lovely message from Zemfira… “I’d like to say thank you for your professionalism, patience, sensitivity. The whole experience of mastering distantly is completely new to me. Nevertheless your work is incredible. Thank you. I am very happy to work with you and hope to having this opportunity again in the future.”

There is a great review of the album here. Listen below…

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