Amoeba Teen – Mastering their new album

Amoeba Teen

Mark Britton from the band Amoeba Teen got in touch back in August 2021 to enquire about mastering their new album. Apparently they are Teenage Fanclub fans – I recorded and mixed Songs From Northern Britain back in 1997!

Amoeba Teen may have to me because they’re Teenage Fanclub fans, and although that gives a clue as to the melodic warmth and delight of the songs, these guys are songwriting geniuses with a range of influences. It’s a fabulous album, beautifully recorded and produced, which was delightful to master. There’s some fabulous 10CC style sax ’n’ vocal harmonies on the lead-off track. The second track has echoes of The Strokes, The Cars and They Might Be Giants… And so on! It’s vibrant, wonderfully enjoyable, timelessly brilliant material. I would urge you to check it out…

You can pre-save their album here:

The first track “January” is out now and getting some airplay… See the terrific video above, and find it on all the streaming services.

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Mark Britton from the band said: “George has done a stellar job on mastering the self-titled Amoeba Teen album. He understood immediately the sonic landscape we wanted to inhabit and responded professionally, fast and with great taste. Highly recommended

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