Cathal Coughlan – Mastering new material (with Luke Haines on bass) from the man from Microdisney and Fatima Mansions

Having mastered three Luke Haines albums, I also got to master the fabulous The North Sea Scrolls album in 2012. It was a collaboration with Cathal Coughlan, formerly of Microdisney and The Fatima Mansions. In 2020 Cathal was in touch again for me to master his brand new solo album, his first solo material in 10 years – Song of Co Aklan.

Album Out now!
CD/Vinyl order (UK/Ireland)
CD/Vinyl order (USA/Canada)
Digital Download/Streaming

Here’s what Cathal had to say: “Even in this era of (like-it-or-not) Maximum DIY for the average maker of music, mastering remains something of a black art – and a very significant one, given it’s the final chance to make the work ‘sound like music’ before it departs whatever saucepan or pedometer (or, perhaps, monumental real-world recording facility) you’ve used to record it, and hits the ears of the audience. It’s been great, then, to have my new recordings prepared for release by George Shilling, and come out sounding as (in my view, despite many months of over-exposure) good as they have. It’s also been a great pleasure working with George, given his forthright, optimistic approach to the work, and the experience he brings to it. Thanks, George.”

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