Natasha John: Cello recording and mastering for this terrific Welsh singer’s second single and video release

Natasha John

Natasha has a new (third) single out “Calon Lan” which I mastered. Hear it via her site here

Like I Love You

Natasha’s fabulous video for Like I Love You features a great song on which I played cello. Once mixed, the track came back to me so I could master it.
The very talented Josh Moon recorded it at his studio, the latest in a number of projects he’s sent my way for enhancement.
Watch the terrific video below…

You can buy or stream the song below:

Josh says:

”George has such an incredible way of bringing projects to life. He’s remotely mastered several projects for me over the last few years and every one without exception comes back with some magic added! When you think a mix is done George can top it off yet again. He’s also a Cello wizard and any production would be lucky to have him feature! Thanks for all your work George. Much appreciated! x”

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