Mixing and Mastering Epic Songs for US Singer-Songwriter and multi instrumentalist Virgil Deuce

Virgil Deuce

The slightly mysterious baritone singer, musician and songwriter Virgil Deuce has been sending me terrific, quirky tracks from his US base for several years for me to add the odd part, mix and master. There are many more songs than I have posted here, and some were collated on a vinyl album release.

Endings Beginnings

… is another fabulous song which I mixed and mastered, released March 2024. It features the wonderful drum and percussion talents of Karl Penney.

The Road To Hell Part 2 – Video!


This one released March 2022 is a reworking of an older song. Karl Penney recorded two whole separate drum kits(!) as well as great percussion parts. I added some real Hammond Organ (with valve Leslie) and cello parts…

Hat In Hand

Released January 2022, brand new song with drums and percussion by the terrific Karl Penney

Hold The Breeze

This is a re-recording of an older song, featuring the fabulous Karl Penney on Bodhran and percussion, and some amazing fiddle playing by Jérémie Levi Samson…

Being Where

This track is another to feature Karl Penney’s fabulous drumming, with additional production, mixing and mastering by me.



This recent track features a fantastic drum track and percussion by the wonderful Karl Penney.



On YouTube above, you can also find Virgil Deuce on Apple Music:

Both songs feature fantastic drumming by my old mate Karl Penney who recorded the drums at his own studio.

When I asked him for a quote, Virgil said

“The personalised touch, as well as George’s sensibility encompassing the totality of recorded music, provides a markedly superior audio mix, not readily available from other sources, who, though they may have the longstanding reputation of an iconic studio , may not always produce optimal results” 

…but I also get lovely emails from him whenever I send mixes, with comments like this (about “On Ice”):

“The sounds so good I almost don’t know what to say George-that though, is nothing new! Sounds so lively and alive – man, what a great mix!!”

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