Mixing and Mastering for Ambient Jazz Ensemble – Colin Baldry’s uplifting Jazz, Classical, Electronic Music ensemble

Ambient Jazz Ensemble

Colin Baldry, the genius behind the Ambient Jazz Ensemble, first approached me to mix the 2014 album Suite Shop. Starting with that one, I’ve now mixed five albums for Colin. They are all fabulous, especially AJE and Aura (look them up!) They feature a plethora of amazing musicians, and some very clever writing on Colin’s part. It’s complicated music which is very easy to listen to! And it’s always beautifully recorded, which makes mixing a pleasure of course.

The latest album is being readied for release, and this time I have also mastered it. Two tracks (below) from the album have been released in the last two months, the latest being Locked which features fabulous vocals by Lynsey Ward…

New Release: Locked


The first release from the forthcoming album out later this year is Ensoul…

Colin says:

“George has mixed 5 albums for Ambient Jazz Ensemble, the fact that I go back to him each time is testament to the consistent sonic quality & painless process in dealing with a 14 piece ensemble & large track count. Over the last 10 years we have built a great working relationship, George is my 2nd pair of ears & I have come to trust his judgement more than my own.

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