Ancoats Lad featuring DLJ – Additional Production, Mixing and Mastering for David Lee Johnson

David Lee Johnson

David is a Manchester-based singer-songwriter who had recorded a bunch of songs but wasn’t entirely happy with the finished mixes, so he got in touch and we came up with a plan to spruce a few of them up for release. 

Evening Prayer

The first release is Evening Prayer, a beautiful song performed as a duet with Daniellah Jordan, with The Fall’s Simon “Ding” Archer on bass. I got into the nitty-gritty and did a deep dive into editing and manipulating the recording. I also added tambourine and some extra drum sounds before mixing and mastering. David has made this great video to accompany the track…

David says:

“It’s superb mate, am over the moon with it, it’s awesome! Can’t thank you enough!”

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