Mixing and Mastering with the amazing Frank Turner

Frank Turner – new album Undefeated out 3rd May 2024

Frank has been in touch regularly with cello recording jobs for projects he has been involved with over the last few years. The latest task was recording cello and violin for the title track on his new album ‘Undefeated’. The string arrangement was put together by uber-talented Sleeping Souls lynchpin Matt Nasir. Matt also happens to be the loveliest man in the world! I plonked cello parts on, then amazing violinist Anna Jenkins travelled down to my Manor Gardens Studio in Devon to record her parts. She was so efficient that before lunch I’d dropped her back at the station, having completely forgotten to take any photos. D’uh! So instead, here’s a pic of us at a party a few weeks later, and another one with Matt too…!


My old friend and some time Sleeping Souls drummer Nigel Powell persuaded Frank Turner to let me have a go at mixing some of his tracks. This started with all the demos for the Positive Songs For Negative People LP.

L-R, GS, Frank, Ben Morse (guitarist)

Frank at Bank Cottage Studios during mixing

I then reworked a couple of these and mixed a couple of new ones for all the extra tracks for the Mittens EP (listen below).

Later I mixed the entire soundtrack for the Show 2000 DVD included with deluxe editions of Songbook in 2017. In 2019, Universal released the audio in shortened form as a standalone album which I mixed, edited and mastered at The Music Mill in Devon.

Frank Says:

“I’ve worked with George a few times now, and every time it’s been a dream – easy work in a great studio with killer end results.”


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