Producing, Mixing and Mastering Love Street’s fabulous album The Alchemist’s Daughter

Love Street

I’ve worked with Love Street band for many years. Founded by singer/writer/multi-instrumentalist Julian Clark, I did additional production and mixed the first album Both Sides Of The Door. I also recorded singles and EPs including Susanna featuring the Loxley Silver Band. These tracks all featured the original line-up of the band with the wonderful John Davies on guitar, Chris Johnson on drums and Cat Leonard on fiddle.

Love Street v2

After an abortive attempt to record a second album (curtailed due to Julian’s circumstances), Julian re-shuffled and changed the band line-up. With Kevin Cook on Drums, Paul Mearing on guitar, Hannah Heinonen on fiddle, Saku Aulamo on harmonica, and original bassist Andy Borders we convened with to record a new album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios last year. Lester Osborne added percussion, and John Telfer did flute and sax, with April Anderson providing BVs. We added further overdubs at my Manor Gardens Studio, (I did some cello and BVs too) then I mixed and mastered. The first fruit of our labours was the epic Putin’s War single and video:

The Alchemist’s Daughter

Now released: the full album is here!

And here’s the title track:

Julian says: “Its amazing – brilliant job! We are all over the moon!”


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