Stone The Crow – Mastering a brilliant heavy rock band from Worcestershire for multi-talented Mark Newton

Mark Newton

I have known the band’s founder Mark for many years from the time when he ran a Newsound Studios not far from my old gaff. We collaborated on a couple of projects. He wrote a fantastic Christmas charity single for children in care which I produced, arranged, played all of the instruments on (except acoustic guitar) and mixed. We even appeared on BBC Midlands News to promote it some 13 years ago!

Stone The Crow

Here’s what Mark and Jon have to say: “Stone The Crow formed in 2021 as a dynamic three piece with an eclectic mix of rock and americana with influences of Foo Fighters, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam. With soaring chorus’ and tight harmonies, catchy melodies will guarantee you will be singing the songs after the first listen. We are Stone The Crow. We have just released our debut album Enemy Within which is a rock album with something for everyone. No one song can define the album. But it’s full of artistic brilliance. It’s should be, we worked hard on this one. Our message is an intervention into alcoholism and redemption out the other side.”


It was lovely to be contacted again by Mark for the mastering of this great rockin’ new album. I love it! Have a listen below or find on all the main streaming services…

Enemy Within

Here’s the album on Spotify…

Mark says: “There was never any doubt, when finishing our album, who we wanted to master it! George is the master of mastering! Not surprisingly, we were absolutely blown away with how he sprinkled his magic on the mixes, bringing them to life and adding the punch we wanted. I’ve had the pleasure working with George a couple of times in the past and I can honestly say, he’s not only brilliant at what he does, but also a bloody lovely bloke! Always an honour and privilege working with an industry legend! Thanks George you Rock! Xx”

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