Producing, Mixing and Mastering Seattle’s brilliant singer, songwriter and musician Jeremy Serwer

Jeremy Serwer

Jeremy Serwer is a wonderfully talented artist from Seattle (now in SF) who has released a number of great albums and songs over many years. His sometimes political songwriting has led to him being compared to Billy Bragg (whose third album I was coincidentally involved in). Jeremy got in touch last year and after a short Zoom call we set about a cross-Atlantic collaboration. We discussed production and arrangement ideas, and he sent me great vocal and guitar parts. We employed my old friend, the brilliant and ever-reliable Karl Penney to add some superb drums and percussion to the three songs – now released as ‘Vermin’, and I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. Scroll down for the Spotify version…

Vermin (Con Man Devoured)

According to Jeremy, the lead track is about a certain “insidious orange man who is still lurking in our political arena but in this case he is devoured by our ratty heroes–Rats get a really bum deal so I thought I’d elevate their teamwork skillz”!!
Gary Alesbrook did a fabulous horn arrangement on the track (listen below) and I added bass guitar.

10 Cats

I suggested a pedal steel on this one and Jeremy found Ian Taylor Sutton who sent us a couple of beautiful parts from which I compiled best bits. Jenn Dashney sent the lovely backing vocals. I did bass guitar, then went crazy with the string/cello arrangement…!

Cave Slumber

This one features some clever and inventive BVs by Jeremy’s friend Jeff Campbell from Philly. I did bass and some keyboards too…


Jeremy says: “Big thanks for getting this done so quickly and expertly! That’s an awesome sounding mix! I’m not hearing any need for changes and love your new parts! I’m excited to release these songs and we will have to do more in the future! GREAT WORK.”


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