Steve Winwood

After joining the informal Tuesday Night Conversation Club (which mainly involved imbibing copious quantities of ale) with Steve and a few mates including Gordon Jackson, Mike Kellie and Bill Hunt of the Ancient Order Of Froth Blowers, Steve asked me to man the recordings for this album. It was a return to form for Steve,… Continue reading Steve Winwood


Slade descended to my old Bank Cottage studio thanks to a recommendation from Bill Hunt who had co-written some songs with the band. Dave Hill was in touch for a few weeks beforehand, frequently phoning me with ideas and suggestions as boarding a plane to play a gig in the Czech Republic or somesuch! Don… Continue reading Slade

Working with Bernard Butler from 1997 to 2021 – Mastering new tracks for a reissue of an album I recorded and mixed 24 years ago

Bernard Butler While working on Teenage Fanclub’s ‘Songs From Northern Britain’ album, newly signed labelmate Bernard came to hang out with us at AIR Studios. He subsequently called me up to take over engineering duties for his no-expenses-spared debut solo album People Move On. He even persuaded my alter-ego Gonzo Lagonda out of retirement to… Continue reading Working with Bernard Butler from 1997 to 2021 – Mastering new tracks for a reissue of an album I recorded and mixed 24 years ago

Paul Van Dyk

After I had produced a number of tracks with Vega 4 they set about a collaboration with dance music wizard Paul Van Dyk, and I recorded parts with the band at Eden Studios with Paul in attendance, gathering material appropriate for him to manipulate and turn into his version of Time Of Our Lives

Primal Scream

I got drafted in to add some overdubs and mix a few songs for Vanishing Point, including the hit single Kowalski at Ocean Colour Scene’s Mosely Shoals studio in Birmingham. This was the first song to feature newly recruited ex-Stone Roses bassist Mani, and upon his arrival we spent a day at the scooter shop… Continue reading Primal Scream

New Radicals

Sadly I can’t lay claim to have had any involvement in You Get What You Give, one of my favourite records, but I did have a couple of collaborations with Gregg Alexander. Firstly I engineered a remix of Mother, the first track on the New Radicals album. Then Gregg hired me to engineer sessions with… Continue reading New Radicals

Andy Yorke

Andy is brother of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. His solo album Simple was recorded and mixed by me at Bank Cottage under the watchful eye of Nigel Powell (see Frank Turner). I even get a credit for playing accordion!

Paul Carrack

I was lucky enough to record this gentleman at Abbey Road Studios for a Christmas charity single version of The Living Years arranged by my good friend Jim Hawkins. You can glimpse me pressing buttons in this making of video!

My Life Story

With my cello playing credentials, I was considered for producing MLS who’d previously worked with Giles Martin. With multitudinous string players, choral parts, ambitious arrangements and a sore-throated Jake Shillingford (with his oddly long surname!) we rocked up at RAK Studios early in 1996 to record 6 or 7 songs, somehow finishing them all in… Continue reading My Life Story