Lisa Stansfield

Coldcut continued their run of launching other artists’ careers with hit singles with Lisa Stansfield’s collaboration, People Hold On for which I engineered the recording at Livingston Studios. I remember Matt and Jon spending a long time searching for the wah-wah guitar sample motif which the track needed as a bit of a hook trademark.… Continue reading Lisa Stansfield

Malcolm McLaren

The erstwhile Sex Pistols manager and svengali had a continuing career in the 1990s making music for TV commercials which burgeoned after he cleverly put together operatic vocals and rhythmic backing for the British Airways theme Aria On Air. His tracks were in the main put together by Leigh Gorman, former bassist from Bow Wow… Continue reading Malcolm McLaren


I recorded vocals for All Grown Up with Nicole and Natalie Appleton at writer/producer Mike Rowe’s small room at The Church Studios in Crouch End. Liam Gallagher turned up and after a visit to the pub insisted on having a pair of headphones to coach partner Nicole in how to sing the song…!

McAlmont & Butler

As Bernard’s regular engineer for both of his solo albums, I’d sometimes continue to work with him in his home studio when he was putting together the second McAlmont & Butler album Bring It Back, and I recorded bits of it and the odd bit of David’s vocals, in particular the title track.