Adre [Home] Cello recording and mastering for The Welsh Of The West End – shown on S4C

I have been working with the wonderfully talented Josh Moon for a number of years. We met when he came to play some fabulous Hammond organ and piano on sessions with Crystal Balloon. But he kept in touch sending me further projects for mastering on great tracks he produced and mixed. And more recently this has expanded into cello recording.

Cello Parts

I was delighted when he sent me this beautiful song which he produced – and played keyboards on – to spruce up the pretend keyboard cellos with some of the real thing. It was a lovely four part arrangement, and I set up and recorded at Manor Gardens Studio.


Then a few days later he sent me the finished mix to master.  So I set to work with some enhancements to the overall sound. I have no idea what the words mean (and nor does Josh)!


The first public airing was on S4C (Welsh Channel 4) on their New Year’s Eve show. It’s now on Youtube so click above to hear this gorgeous song.

Josh says:

”George has such an incredible way of bringing projects to life. He’s remotely mastered several projects for me over the last few years and every one without exception comes back with some magic added! When you think a mix is done George can top it off yet again. He’s also a Cello wizard and any production would be lucky to have him feature! Thanks for all your work George. Much appreciated! x”

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