Dirty Slippers and Lobó-Szalóky Lázár – Collaborating with Hungarian Rock Royalty

Above is the excellent and brand new video for the latest song by Dirty Slippers, with additional production, mixing, mastering and a bit of cello by me!

Abbey Road

Incredibly, I have been working remotely with Lázár and his band Dirty Slippers for nearly 12 years. They have had huge success in their native Hungary. After so many years of collaboration I was very excited when last year it transpired that some funding was available from the Hungarian government. This meant that Dirty Slippers could come to the UK and record in Abbey Road with me producing. We had hoped this would happen in November, but sadly the pandemic has put this on hold. However, I am hopeful that this year we will finally get to meet in person after so many years of collaboration via the internet.


Lázár appeared on Hungarian national TV’s breakfast show this morning to talk about the new song, and as you can see I got a mention. Unfortunately I don’t speak Hungarian but if you fancy watching the whole interview (about six minutes) it is here: http://www.atv.hu/videok/video-20210106-rendetlen-gyerek-cimmel-megjelent-a-dirty-slippers-uj-klipje

And here is the track on Spotify:

Lázár says:

”Fantastic mixer and producer 🙂 I am working with George since 2009 and always amaze me with his professional work! The songs we worked on together got on various top charts 😊❤️🤟

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