Cello recording for The Welsh Of The West End – Shallow from A Star Is Born, and I’m in the video!

Producer, studio owner, keyboardist and arranger Josh Moon has now involved me in several fabulous recordings with Welsh Of The West End.

Cello Parts on Video

Josh was in touch again recently with this terrific version of a song I absolutely love. This time he wanted me to be in the video. I therefore enlisted my partner’s help to record a couple of versions of me blamming through it. And the final version (above) includes a few bits of me sawing away. As usual, I set up and recorded the cello parts with my lovely David Alabaster cello ‘Anna’ at Manor Gardens Studio. I used my trusty Sontronics Aria mic, UA 6176 preamp/compressor and UA Apollo interface. The arrangement comprised two cello parts – see if you can tell which I’m doing in the video!

Josh says:

”George has such an incredible way of bringing projects to life. He’s remotely mastered several projects for me over the last few years and every one without exception comes back with some magic added! When you think a mix is done George can top it off yet again. He’s also a Cello wizard and any production would be lucky to have him feature! Thanks for all your work George. Much appreciated! x”

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